Russia Refuses to Take the Turbine for Nord Stream from Germany

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The equipment is sealed and ready for shipment to Russia. However, Moscow impedes transportation by making ridiculous demands, Siemens Energy said. A gas turbine for Russia’s NS-1 pipeline is ready for use and is still sealed in the German city of Mülheim an der Ruhr, with no progress seen in resolving disagreements with Russia, a Siemens Energy spokesman said in Munich on Wednesday, August 17. According to him, Russia keeps picking at the documents and making ridiculous demands. The turbine is supposed to be shipped to Russia by truck, so references to the current low water level, which prevents the delivery of equipment by river, play no role, the representative said. Russia’s Claims Russia’s Gazprom cut gas supplies through NS-1 in June, citing the lack of a turbine that, along with other equipment, creates pressure to pump the fuel. The turbine was repaired in Canada in June and has been in Germany since mid-July, awaiting shipment to Russia. Gazprom is complaining about the lack of information about the repairs, while Siemens Energy denies the claims. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, during a visit to Mülheim two weeks ago, said that Russia is using far-fetched pretexts to reduce deliveries in breach of contract. According to Scholz, the turbine is ready for use and can be delivered to Russia at any time. “Obviously, nothing, absolutely nothing is preventing this turbine from being transported and connected in Russia,” he stressed. DW