Maia Sandu on protests in Gagauzia: We Notice Destabilization Attempts

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Moldovan President Maia Sandu has commented on the protests in Gagauzia. She stressed that the central authorities have nothing against citizens expressing their discontent with the situation in the country. However, provocations and destabilizations are unacceptable and she called on the responsible authorities to stop such activities, said. When asked if there is a risk that residents of Gagauzia and Transdniestria could be used to destabilize the situation in Moldova, thereby jeopardizing Moldova’s neutrality, the president replied that the authorities should intervene in the activities of people who favor war and Russian aggression against Ukraine. “Of course, we do notice destabilization attempts of, and I want us to clearly distinguish between protests that stem from people’s discontent – after all, we live in a free country and, unlike Russia, we do not imprison anyone for criticizing the authorities – and destabilization attempts, where someone acts in the interests of another state calling for war or justifying war,” the president said. Maia Sandu stressed that state institutions must intervene in situations where the country’s peace and security is threatened. “There are dangerous people, people who justify the military aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, which means that these people allow other people to be killed. If these people allow the murder of Ukrainians, it means they allow the murder of their fellow citizens as well. Such people are dangerous to society, and our structures should stop this,” she added. Point