Slutsky: Transdniestria Is Our Territory, We Need to Revive the Airport in Tiraspol

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State Duma deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party of the Russian Federation Leonid Slutsky said that it is necessary to revive the airport in Tiraspol and to provide all possible support to Transdniestria. “This is our territory. The main thing that exists on this territory is the economy. It is necessary to revive the airport in Tiraspol. It is necessary to develop other infrastructure projects in addition to the Moldovan GRES, and this is now taking place,” Slutsky said. The deputy added that there is constant contact with the leadership of Transdniestria. “In fact, everything that has to do with both banks of the Dniester River is a pain, because the situation is somehow very broken line. So we have people going through a very difficult ordeal. You can see what a swirl with the political life of Moldova. Of course, all this has a negative feedback on the neighboring side of the Dniester River,” stated the politician. He stressed that there is “a great temptation to get Moldovan citizenship, to enter European countries without visas, to get credits, which are not there. “There are people in Transdniestria with a pronounced Russian identity. And this is great. There, when Dmitry Rogozin was the President’s representative, the program on social sphere facilities worked out,” Slutsky added. The State Duma deputy also noted that not all projects worked out well, but stressed the need to support Transdniestria in the future. “There should also be support for enrollment in Russian universities. Let’s see how the special operation goes. Let’s not make fantasies about this topic. The situation is grave, literally bloody. Can you imagine Transdniestria’s geographical location? I believe Transdniestria has very good prospects in the near future,” Slutsky said. He noted that the economic support of Transnistria is important and should be increased.