The U.S. Doesn’t Expect the War in Ukraine to End Soon

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America admires the AFU’s successes in the counterattack, but does not expect the war to end soon. Russia’s war against Ukraine will not end soon, believes U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Brigitte Brink. She spoke about Ukraine’s prospects in the war in an interview with European Pravda. She noted that the U.S. is closely monitoring and admiring the actions of the AFU on the battlefield and the counterattack. “We don’t expect the war to end anytime soon, but we are inspired by the way you are taking back large territories on the battlefield,” the diplomat said. She was asked if the war would end in 2023, to which Brink said, “it won’t be a quick war.” “As a diplomat with 25-years’ experience, I’ve learned not to speculate about the future. I can say that from my own experience. I think we have to support Ukraine’s ability not only to win on the battlefield now, but to have a security advantage in the future.” the ambassador said. According to her, the U.S. is already thinking and giving Ukraine the kind of support it needs to build an army capable of shielding the country from aggression after the current war is over. As you know, since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the U.S. has provided Ukraine with about $15.8 billion worth of modern weapons, military hardware and equipment. Deliveries continue.