Moldova’s Farmers to Take Their Machinery to the Streets Today in Protest

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The Farmers’ Force Association has announced an economic pre-emptive local protest today, during which farmers will take their machinery and agricultural equipment to the streets. The farmers warned that if the authorities do not help drought-stricken farmers, protesters from the districts will arrive with agricultural equipment in the center of Chisinau, reports “Mrs. Prime Minister refuses to discuss these topics with representatives of farmers’ organizations for a month. Farmers are already under financial pressure from banks and suppliers of resources, as well as the tax office, which will jeopardize the process of autumn and spring agricultural work and significantly increase the risk of bankruptcy of thousands of small and medium-sized farmers in our villages,” the press release of the association said. As previously reported, the Farmers’ Force Association announced that farmers’ demands have not changed. They insist on the Emergency Commission to decide on the deferral of payments of loans without calculating penalties; on the provision of tax incentives; in particular, the right to use VAT from the account to pay taxes and contributions, to apply to external partners to identify financial resources to compensate the farmers. Valeriu Cosarciuc, chairman of the Farmers’ National Federation, said that the organization he represents will not take part in protests for the time being. And the chairman of the Moldova Fruct Association, Vitalie Gorincioi, said that he was on a trip to Cairo and would not participate in the protest planned for today.