Sandu On Protests: It’s Sor’s People Who Want to Save Their Own Skins’

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Head of State Maia Sandu said on Jurnal TV’s Secretele Puterii that the Sor party leader is using people’s problems to “save his own skin”. “Interestingly, these protests are being insisted on now, when the heating bills have not yet arrived, we are not yet in the middle of winter, to use people's problems,” Maia Sandu said, reports The President also said that the representatives of the protesters “are Sor’s people, who want to stop the investigation and save their own skin.” At the same time, Maia Sandu stressed the importance of respecting the right of citizens to protest, and said that all the authorities can do now is to ensure public order. “We can ensure public order, including the right to protest, even if we understand that it is not a real protest,” she added. Recall that on September 18, the Sor party, formed by fugitive MP Ilan Sor, once again took its supporters to the streets. Dozens of citizens from different parts of the country came by specially ordered buses to protest against the government and President Maia Sandu. The police repeatedly asked the Chisinau City Hall to ban the protests, citing the protesters’ inadequate behavior that violated public order, but the municipal authorities responded each time that they had no right to ban protests. Point