Tabarta: There Is a Risk that Dodon’s Cases Will Not Be Finalized

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Tabarta assures that there is a risk that the cases against the former President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, will not be finished, as was the case with Ilan Sor. Given that the judicial system in the Republic of Moldova has not been reformed yet, this scenario is possible, expert Ion Tabarta warns. During the program Ora de vârf on Radio Chișinău, he commented that the judicial system opposes completing these cases and that the system cannot clean itself up alone, reports. “We cannot yet say that the reform has succeeded giving the way to justice based on laws rather than interests. However, we must distinguish between the case of Igor Dodon and that of Ilan Şor. Ilan Şor’s case and the case that reached the first instance was a selective justice, a customary justice. It was then used by Vladimir Plahotniuc as a kind of cudgel against his opponents, whether political or economic. The case was deliberately hampered. Today, it’s more likely that oligarchic elements in the justice system oppose the promotion of Ilan Şor’s case. As for Igor Dodon, his case was initiated as part of attempts to reform the justice system. We see the resistance of the justice system to bring these cases to the end, because later they can boomerang against them as well”, Ion Tabarta said. Recall, on September 27, 2022, the Chisinau Court of Appeals granted the request of the Prosecutor’s Office and decided to extend the preventive measure of house arrest of former President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon till October 21. Dodon was detained on May 24, 2022. Later, on May 26, 2022, by decision of the Chisinau Court, Chocani headquarters, he was put under house arrest, a measure that is still applied today. The former head of state is suspected of illicit enrichment, passive corruption, illegal party financing and high treason. Dodon also has the status of defendant in the Energocom case. Point