Sandu Condemns Vladimir Putin’s Decree: Referenda Are Sham

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President Maia Sandu condemns the referendums in Ukraine as sham. The head of state said at a press conference that Russia’s relations with our country were affected by the large-scale invasion of Ukraine, and said that Moldova will continue to condemn the actions that followed these referendums, reports “Moldova respects Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty and accordingly considers the referenda as fake and does not recognize any actions following these fake referenda, and as for relations between Moldova and the Russian Federation, obviously they were greatly affected by this invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. We have condemned and will continue to condemn this war and will condemn these actions, I repeat, which do not respect international law and do not respect the integrity and sovereignty of other countries,” the head of state said. The press conference was also attended by European Commissioner Johannes Hahn, who assured our country that the EU would help Moldova in the event of a new wave of refugees following Putin’s decision to declare “partial military mobilization” in Russia. “Putin’s recent decision to conscript young men into the army could indeed start a wave of refugees to Moldova and European countries. This spring we helped Moldova deal with the wave of refugees from Ukraine, and I want to congratulate the citizens. You received the highest number of refugees per capita. That’s a huge rate. We will help you in case of another wave of refugees,” Johannes Hahn said. Point