Chicu on the Sandu Prank: “What Should We Give Ukrainians in Giurgiulesti?”

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Former Prime Minister Ion Chicu commented on the prank with President Maia Sandu, the teaser of which was published on the Internet. Chicu criticized the head of state for her statements and demanded that she explain what concessions she was talking about. “Maia, what should we give the Ukrainians in Giurgiulesti? Those bitter 400 meters from the bank of the Danube? A good portion of the younger supporters of Maia Sandu do not know, but these meters of the bank our country received from Ukraine in exchange for 8 km of road to Palanca. Maia Sandu may have forgotten this, even though she was working in the government at the time. Instead of ceding the small territory that we have left, Maia Sandu should insist that our Ukrainian friends complete the internal and state border demarcation procedures. But this does not happen, because during the period of the “success story” when Maia Sandu worked in the government – as a minister – Moldova made another concession to our Ukrainian friends, on the Dniester, on the hydroelectric complex in Novodnistrovsk. And our Ukrainian friends understand perfectly well that once every 10 years Moldovans bring to power some scoundrels who sell their people and their country. Obviously, what we see in this video is not a fake. This is a tragedy that our country is experiencing without realizing it,” Chicu posted on social media. Russian pranksters Vladimir Kuznetsov (Vovan) and Alexei Stolyarov (Lexus) published 2 short videos of the prank with Maia Sandu. The full version should appear today, October 4. The Moldovan presidential administration denies the authenticity of statements attributed to President Maia Sandu in a conversation that allegedly took place with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal. “The video recording is an attempt to involve President Maia Sandu in a deep fake type of manipulation. The allegations presented in the said fake are untrue and are the result of image and sound editing,” the presidential office noted. Point