Popescu: Moldova Will Continue to Strengthen Its Partnership with NATO

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Moldova will strengthen its relations with NATO, as well as with partner countries in the security sector. This comes in the context of the regional situation, as well as in the situation when Ukraine has requested urgent NATO membership. This is what Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu said when asked if Moldova would follow Ukraine in taking steps to strengthen relations with NATO, realitatea.md reported “We clearly live in a much more dangerous region than we imagined a year ago. And it is important for our country to be and feel protected, for this we need modern capabilities to protect the security of our state, in a variety of areas: military, cyber, economic. This includes modernizing our defense capabilities in accordance with the highest international standards,” the Foreign Minister said. At the same time, Popescu said we still need to strengthen the country’s security with the support of external partners or states supporting our country’s integrity. “This includes strengthening our partnerships with Great Britain, as well as with other states and organizations. We have a defense partnership with the U.S. and the EU, and we have a long-standing partnership with NATO based on action plans initiated in 2006. Moldova needs to further strengthen these partnerships, and yes, this strengthening is a key task for our country, and these partnerships will continue and strengthen. They will be transparent,” Popescu added. Point