EU Approves Eighth Package of Sanctions against Russia

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The new sanctions, among other things, will include a restriction on the price of oil exported from Russia. The EU Council has approved the eighth package of sanctions against Russia for its aggression against Ukraine. This package is a response to Russia’s war against Ukraine, including the illegal annexation of Ukrainian territory on the basis of “referendums”, the mobilization of additional troops and open nuclear threats. The European Commission said this on Thursday, October 6. It is known that the eighth package included price restrictions on oil exported from Russia. “This package introduces new EU import bans worth 7 billion euros to limit Russia’s revenues, as well as export restrictions that will further deprive the Kremlin’s military-industrial complex of key components and technology, and the Russian economy of European services and expertise,” the statement said. The sanctions also deprive the Russian army and its suppliers of additional specific goods and equipment needed to wage war in Ukraine. The package also lays the groundwork for the necessary legal framework for the oil price cap envisaged by the G7, the European Commission said. Recall, on the eve of the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the European Union agreed on new sanctions against Russia, including the oil price cap. The head of the EC voiced proposals for a new package of anti-Russian sanctions a week ago. Корреспондент