Stamate on the Sor Party Protests: Convictions Are Coming

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Olesea Stamate, head of the legal commission for appointments, says that the protests organized in front of Parliament by the Sor political party are a gesture of desperation in an attempt to avoid conviction. At the same time, Olesea Stamate also said that law enforcement agencies are investigating the sources of funding of the formation, and if illegal actions are revealed, strict measures will be taken, reports “This is a cry of desperation from some people fighting against the justice we are trying to restore in the country. The guilty verdicts are fast approaching. Their last resort is destabilizing actions. The people protesting in front of Parliament are citizens of this country, they have the right to all peaceful demonstration. As to whether they are being paid, I’m sure law enforcement is gathering information. If it is proved that the relevant money comes from illegal sources, strict measures should be taken”, – said the deputy. Point