Sandu: The Pressure On Us Is Increasing

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President Maia Sandu condemned the violation of Moldova’s neutrality by the Russian Federation. “Some of the 84 Russian missiles launched by Russia on Ukrainian territory crossed Moldovan airspace unauthorized. This is a gross violation of the airspace and neutrality of the Republic of Moldova by the Russian Federation. Moldova is a peaceful state. We respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of other countries and demand that our borders are respected as well. The pressure to which we are subjected is growing every day,” said Maia Sandu, quoted by The head of state also said that people who support the war and the Russian Federation should be severely punished. “Let us not allow ourselves to be manipulated and provoked. Let us not be used by those who want war and chaos. Those who encourage and justify war must be severely punished. In a different period, these people would have supported the Holocaust,” Maia Sandu added. Recall that the Moldovan Ministry of Defense reported that on Monday, October 10, specialized structures of the defense department detected three air targets that flew through Moldovan airspace. Point