Promo-LEX on Sandu’s Initiative: A Risky Precedent for Democracy

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Promo-LEX expressed concern about President Maia Sandu’s intention to amend the legislation to facilitate the interference of law enforcement bodies in assemblies. “The law on assemblies in the Republic of Moldova is one of the best laws in the region and provides a favorable framework to exercise freedom of assembly,” the organization said in a statement, reports. “Amending legislation is untimely and cannot be conditional on a possible conflict between the local public administration and the law enforcement authorities. Law-enforcement agencies already have all the necessary legal procedures and leverage to intervene in situations that threaten public order, life and health. Changing the legislation to fit the current situation is a harmful practice and sets a dangerous precedent for a democracy based on the rule of law,” Promo-LEX said in a press release. Yesterday, President Maia Sandu thanked the police for removing the tents of protesters set up on the road in front of the presidency. The head of state requested the government to introduce “temporary changes” in the legislation so as to enhance the influence of law-enforcement structures. Point