Sandu after SSC: Joint Efforts Needed Not to Resort to Blackouts

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Moldova is currently facing the worst energy crisis in its history, and the way we survive the coming winter is up to all of us. This is what President Maia Sandu said opening the meeting of the Supreme Security Council (SSC), where current threats to energy security were addressed. SSC members reviewed the situation in the country’s energy sector, where since October 24, 2022, there has been a deficit of electricity. This happened after Ukraine stopped selling electricity due to the severe destruction of its energy system by Russia. Officials from the energy sector, as well as from law enforcement agencies, provided information about the energy market situation and described various possible scenarios, including the risk that Gazprom could further reduce or completely cut off natural gas supplies to Moldova. Similarly, alternatives for providing the population and the economy with electricity were analyzed, as well as the measures needed to reduce the impact of the energy crisis. Electricity shortages can be offset by purchases on other markets, but at higher prices. President Maia Sandu asked the government to develop an obligatory set of actions for all public institutions to continuously monitor and reduce electricity consumption. Also, the government will weigh the impact of higher electricity prices on the population and the business environment and will propose measures to reduce it. In particular, this refers to the impact on vulnerable segments of society, as well as on businesses whose competitiveness is affected by rising factor prices. The government and the National Energy Regulatory Agency are stepping up communication with citizens and businesses on the need for and methods of reducing energy consumption. Moreover, the National Energy Regulatory Agency will consider rules on private investment in alternative energy sources. Point