Gavrilita: Today People’s Income Is Incommensurate with Prices

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The income of the population in Moldova is “incommensurate with the prices”. Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita also acknowledged this.  On air of GRT TV channel, the prime minister noted that this year the citizens of Moldova are faced with crisis which “come one after another”, reports. “And I understand that the most difficult thing for people now is that incomes are not commensurate with the prices and necessities that families face,” Natalia Gavrilita said. Under these conditions, the prime minister noted, the government is “working hard” to “be with families and with companies,” supporting “jobs, income growth, salaries and pensions.” “We made decisions that allowed us to provide lump-sum compensations, we made decisions to increase salaries in the public and private sector. We will continue to take such decisions,” Natalia Gavrilita said. The head of the Moldovan government also urged the population to take information “from the right sources” and to take care of “friendship, unity and country”, which “will help overcome all difficulties”. For more than three months, citizens in Moldova have been protesting against high prices for energy, food, tariffs, and services. In Chisinau, opposition activists demand the resignation of central authorities. Point