Sandu in Bucharest: We Risk Losing Gas and Electricity This Winter

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President Maia Sandu is on a working visit to Bucharest, where she will hold bilateral meetings with Romanian President Claus Iohannis and Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă. The head of state also spoke at an international conference, “Romanian Women Parliamentarians and Promoting Gender Equality as a National Commitment”, organized by the Romanian Parliament, reported. In her speech, Maia Sandu spoke about the difficult energy situation our country is facing. “Because of the war, we are experiencing a major energy crisis and risk being left without gas and electricity this winter. For Moldovan consumers, the gas tariff has increased 6 times over the last year. It is 2 times higher than in Romania. The situation with electricity is no less serious. After Russia bombed the Ukrainian networks, Gazprom halved the amount of gas supplied to Moldova, and the supply of electricity from the left bank of the Dniester for the next month became uncertain. Providing the country with electricity is a daily challenge, even though we are making serious efforts to save money and the Chisinau government is trying to help people with low incomes,” the head of state said. According to Maia Sandu, “this energy vulnerability generates political blackmail and interference in Moldova’s democracy, domestic and foreign policy”. Point