Sandu Accuses Gazprom of Unfounded Reduction of Natural Gas Supplies

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President Maia Sandu accused Gazprom of cutting gas supplies to Moldova by 50% without any explanations. The President stated this at the press conference with President of European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, who is paying a visit to Chisinau, reports. “As regards the energy sector, you know that Gazprom cut the gas supplies by 50% with no justification or explanation. We believe that this is a political decision, it is not a commercial decision, because Moldova has been paying for its gas consumption, despite the fact that prices are growing and are very high. We do see information in the international press about a coalition between pro-Russian political forces in Moldova and corrupt criminal groups that are trying to use the difficult situation in the country, including high inflation, the impact of the energy and economic crisis. They want to use all these arguments against the democratically elected authorities and, of course, against democratic processes,” Maia Sandu said. Ursula von der Leyen said that the European Union has successfully overcome the crisis and blackmail of Russia, and thus reduced its dependency on Russian natural gas supplies. In this regard, the head of the European Commission said that the EU will provide our country with natural gas from other suppliers. “Russia was once the biggest supplier of fossil fuels to the EU, and the EU was the biggest client of Russia. These times are completely over, Gazprom and Russia have cut 80% of gas supplies in the last eight months, and we have been able to diversify our sources of supply and turned to other countries. We have saved energy and filled our gas storages for the winter. We are well-prepared for the winter and have reduced our dependence on Russia. We will do our best to supply gas to Moldova from other suppliers. As far as electricity is concerned, you are part of our market, and we will share as much as possible electricity with you. Therefore, 200 million euros are basically designed to diversify the gas supplies, and the budget support of 50 million can be used to support vulnerable households,” Ursula von der Leyen said.