Metsola on Missiles That Flew Over Moldova: We Will Help Boost Security

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European Parliament President Roberta Metsola assures that the EU will support Moldova in strengthening its security and defense infrastructure after several Russian missiles flew over the country's airspace. “We have been briefed about the ongoing threat to Moldova’s security. Here we see a country firmly facing a very difficult war going on in a neighboring country. This is a conflict for which we should have been more prepared. We need to boost the security infrastructure. We need to create a stable security and defense union that would complement NATO, and that means helping countries like the Republic of Moldova to provide security to prevent more critical incidents. For us, this is a warning sign that anything can happen, and we need to be prepared,” Roberta Metsola said during a press conference with President Maia Sandu, reports. Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament, is on a visit to Chisinau. During a press conference, Metsola assured Moldovan citizens that the EU will continue to ensure stability of energy supplies to our country. The President of the European Parliament confirmed the financial support for Moldova, as well as the boosting of transport links and trade exchanges in the current difficult economic situation. Point