Batrıncea: The Gavrilita Government Must Resign as a Whole

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The Gavrilita government is not handling the current situation in the country. It is a very weak team that is unable to find solutions to numerous crises. The only solution is the full resignation of the cabinet, deputy speaker of parliament, executive secretary of PSRM Vlad Batrincea said during a program on a private TV channel, reports “Madam Gavrilita should not repeat what Madam Sandu or Mr. Grosu said. She is the Prime Minister, but every day she makes political declarations,” Batrincea said. The socialist drew attention to the lack of concrete measures to support citizens, agrarians, and many other categories of people in the country. “When the government does not meet the expectations of citizens, does not meet the current situation, it must leave. Reshuffling will not lead to any result. There should be a full resignation,” he said. Vlad Batrincea also added that the responsibility for the possible destabilization of the situation in the country and for everything that has happened in Moldova over the past year lies entirely with the authorities. As long as they ignore the problems of ordinary citizens, the situation in Moldova will continue to degrade, he believes.