Gavrilita on Power Outages: Everyone Realized That War Affects Us Too

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Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita delivered a message condemning the war launched by Russia in Ukraine, after a wave of explosions on November 15 affected Moldova as well, causing power outages in the country. The head of the cabinet states that the risks of blackouts remain very high, reports “Today the Kremlin struck the largest rocket attack on Ukraine’s civil and energy infrastructure, endangering the lives of thousands of people. We strongly condemn this unjust war that continues to take lives and endanger thousands of people. This war also directly affects our country, causing crises in a number of areas. In Moldova, dozens of settlements were left without electricity after today’s terrorist attacks in Ukraine led to the automatic disconnection of one of the lines supplying our country with electricity,” the Prime Minister noted. She thanked Moldelectrica employees for their prompt intervention, noting that power supply has been restored in most localities. “Perhaps only today, when many of us were left without power in our homes, even the most fervent supporters of the idea that the war in the neighboring country does not affect us, have seen its obvious consequences,” Gavrilita said. The Prime Minister pointed that, given the war in Ukraine, the risks of blackouts remain very high. Recall that as a result of Russia’s bombing of the Ukrainian energy system on November 15, one of the transmission lines that provide transport of electricity to our country was automatically disconnected (automatic frequency unloading). This led to massive power outages throughout the country.