MIA Increased Alert Level on Border with Ukraine

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The Ministry of Internal Affairs announces that it has increased the level of alert in connection with the fall of rockets in Poland, which led to human casualties. At the same time, the Interior Ministry raised the level of attention on the border with Ukraine due to the temporary suspension of operations at all Ukrainian border crossings. The suspension was caused by technical failures in the databases of the Ukrainian customs service, reports jurnal.md “Moldova, like countries that have a border with a state at war, is exposed to the danger of missile raids, which at any moment can hit settlements near the border with Ukraine. Poland was affected today, two people were killed when two rockets exploded on the outskirts of a border town,” the Interior Ministry said in a statement. Earlier, there was an incident in the village of Naslavcea when rocket debris fell near the village, damaging several households. In this regard, the Border Police is closely monitoring the borders and is ready to intervene if necessary. “Today relentless rocket fire terrorized all of Ukraine. Many people died and many were left in darkness and cold because of the destruction of Ukraine’s power grid by the Russians. Likewise, Moldovan citizens have had extensive power outages as a result of Russian attacks and overloading of the electric grid. The MIA sends a message of unity and solidarity with Poland and Ukraine. Together we are stronger,” the message reads.