Grosu: Personnel Changes in the Government May Continue

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This opinion was expressed by the chairman of the parliament Igor Grosu. According to him, during Sunday's meeting at the presidential administration the dismissal of the entire cabinet was not under discussion, but some possible changes were raised. While the ruling party MPs welcomed yesterday’s decisions on new government appointments, the opposition criticized them, reports. Igor Grosu declined to provide details on possible changes in the cabinet, explaining that he is not authorized to give information related to the prerogatives of Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita. “When in office as a prime minister, I will answer this question. And I will not let the speaker of parliament answer that for me,” he said. But the head of the Cabinet of Ministers also did not answer the question of whether there might be further reshuffles in the government. The press secretary switched the press conference on another issue. “Will there be personnel reshuffles in other ministries? Why were these personnel reshuffles not done on the same day? Are other candidates being negotiated? At that night meeting of the PAS party, was the possibility of Dorin Recean’s premiership discussed?” “Please, ask questions on the subject, as I’ve told – one question per editorial. Just one.” And while members of the government have no answer, the ruling party MPs admit that the latest changes have been debated for some time already. What is more, the PAS members argue that Dumitru Alaiba suits best for the role of the Minister of Economy. “Mr. Alaiba is a consummate professional. He has a particular passion when it comes to supporting business in the sense that he wants a deregulated and freer environment for entrepreneurs to do their work, and a more attractive environment for people who want to start businesses,” PAS deputy Adrian Balutel said. On the other hand, the opposition sharply criticizes the new personnel reshuffles, and some deputies argue that the best solution at this point would be to dismiss the government completely. “Of course, these are surface-level changes that will not improve the quality of governmental affairs management. We believe, as does the rest of society, that this is a weak government. Both Ms. Gavrilita and the entire cabinet should leave. As for Mr. Alaiba, he is a weak candidate, he is a propagandist. He is a person who will not be able to achieve results. This just proves that Alaiba’s possible appointment as Minister of Economy demonstrates the lack of personnel”, parliamentary Vice Chairman Vlad Batrincea stated. Sergiu Gaibu resigned last Wednesday, and the prime minister appointed Dumitru Alaiba to replace him. This is the third resignation in the Gavrilita government. Also, at a government meeting yesterday, the state secretary of the Ministry of Environment was appointed head of the agency.