Stoltenberg: NATO Running Out of Weapons

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The Alliance must build up its military industry to support Ukraine in the long term, the secretary-general has said. The North Atlantic Alliance has exhausted most of its reserves of weapons and ammunition. In this regard, it is necessary to increase their production. This was stated by Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg, according to the CBC. The Secretary General stressed that it was necessary to activate its military potential in order to support Ukraine in the long term. He noted that the Alliance has now exhausted most of its own stocks of weapons and ammunition. Therefore, it needs to work with industry to ramp up production and continue supporting Ukraine. Alliance countries must be willing to pay a price to strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities – it may be higher energy prices and other economic effects, but Ukraine is “paying” a much higher price, Stoltenberg added. “We must remember: the price we pay is measured in money, and the price Ukraine pays is measured in lives, in blood – every day, and we have an obligation to support them,” he concluded. Stoltenberg earlier said that NATO allies were facing a critical moment for the entire European security system. He noted that in these conditions it would be dangerous to underestimate the army of the Russian Federation. We shall remind you that according to Pentagon Chief of Staff Lloyd Austin, the final result of the full-scale war started by Russia against Ukraine will be one of the factors determining the global security situation in the 21st century.