Prime Minister: Other Reshuffles Possible but Rumors Weaken State

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Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita believes that discussions about possible reshuffles in the government are not productive as they reduce the effectiveness of the ministries, which are rumored to be left without leadership. The Prime Minister says that discussions of possible government resignations only reduce the state’s ability to effectively deal with crises, reports. The Prime Minister assures that the current government will fulfill its mandate to the end, as it has the support of the parliamentary majority and the country’s President. “Four ministers have been replaced in the 15 months of the mandate. Since the beginning of the mandate, there have been constant rumors of personnel reshuffles. But it should be understood that we have a government, there are aspects that need to be managed better, faster, communication needs to be better. I don’t want to name a particular area, because there is immediately some speculation. And how is the government weakened? Through rumors. Rumors weaken the state, because many people who depend on the leadership of this or that ministry simply sit back and do not do their jobs, because they are waiting for the minister to leave. Talking about reshuffles is not productive. I want to assure you that we are a strong team and we have a 4-year mandate,” Natalia Gavrilita said on the air of În Profunzime on ProTV Chişinău. Natalia Gavrilita also said that during their nightly meeting at the Presidency between ministers, MPs from the PAS faction and President Maia Sandu, it was decided to improve the quality of the act of governance. The Prime Minister did not rule out further personnel reshuffles in the government, but evaded giving names. “Such discussions are normal in a democratic country. In general, there were discussions about improving the act of governing. There were discussions, then there were reshuffles, now we need to calm down. We have a harsh winter ahead of us. We are one Parliament and one Government under the leadership of Madam President working to improve the lives of citizens. If necessary, if circumstances change in a month, there may be some personnel reshuffles, but I do not want there to be speculations about personnel reshuffles and work not to be done in that area,” added the Prime Minister of Moldova. On November 18, PAS deputy Dumitru Alaiba and state secretary of the Environment Minister Rodica Iordanov took over the leadership of the two ministries. This came after former ministers Sergiu Gaibu and Iuliana Cantaragiu resigned.