Sor Party Supporters Stage a Protest in Front of the Prosecutor General’s Office

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An anti-government protest is underway in the center of Chisinau staged by supporters of the Sor party. The protesters formed several columns in front of the General Prosecutor’s Office. 17:02 RTEC reports that the movement of public transport along Stefan cel Mare Boulevard was restored. 16:53 The protest is over. The protesters leave. 16:07 The chairman of Orhei district and one of the main organizers of the protests, Dinu Turcanu, files a request to the Prosecutor General’s Office. He demands that criminal proceedings be initiated against those who appeared in the leaked Telegram correspondence. 15:51 Police urge protesters to unblock public transport on Stefan cel Mare Boulevard. 15:33 A verbal skirmishflared up between protesters and Maia Sandusupporters, who came to the rally to ask people to go home. As a result of the conflict, an elderly woman was pushed, after which she fell to the ground, tv8.mdreports. The TV channel also reported that the protesters had forced the police line in front of the Prosecutor General’s Office and ignored the demands of law enforcement agencies. Law enforcers detained two rioters. Earlier, it was reported that during the protests people chanted: “Resignation”, “We are the people”, “Early elections”, “Down with PAS”, “Down with Sandu”. At this point, the central boulevard of Stefan cel Mare has been completely blocked for traffic. RTEC reports that public transport has changed routes as follows: Route number 1, 4, 5, 8, 22, 30, 31 and 34 - in the Buiucan direction – down Bukureşti street; - in the Botanica direction – down Bukuresti street; Route # 2 - down P. Halippa Street - Izmailska Street - further as per route; Route No. 36 - down Pushkin Street - Bukureşti Street - Izmailskaya Street - further as per route. Point