MFAEI: Moldova Will Start EU Accession Negotiations by End of 2023

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Foreign Ministry Secretary of State Vladimir Cuc hopes that Moldova will be able to begin accession negotiations with the EU by the end of next year. He made this statement at the European Integration Forum in Chisinau. He said that since Moldova got the status of EU candidate country in summer, all state institutions are involved in the work on the nine conditions of the EC, said. “We have a plan that covers most areas of integration. The main emphasis is on the fight against corruption and the reform of justice. Also, attention is paid to the reform of the public administration and financial system, as well as human rights,” Cuc explained. In total, the plan includes 60 different measures, 35 of which should be implemented by the end of 2022. Cuc stressed that 20 measures have already been implemented or are close to it, but several will be delayed. Cuc spoke about future steps with regard to the implementation of the EC conditions. In December, Moldova should receive the second part of the evaluation from the EC on the questionnaire. In spring, the Commission should give an interim assessment of Moldova’s compliance. A detailed report on all EU candidate countries will be given in November. “And we hope that in December the prospect of starting negotiations (on Moldova’s accession to the EU) will be brought to the level of European leaders,” Cuc said. Among the main risks to the integration process, he cited uncertainty in the context of multiple crises and the potential for administrative resources. “In fact, the European integration process is related to the opportunities to consolidate the capacities of state institutions. We already have some results,” Cuc explained.