Gavrilita: Joining the EU Family Is a Real State Project

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Joining the EU family is a real state project, which is a historic duty for the current government. This was stated by the head of the Cabinet of Ministers, Natalia Gavrilita, during the annual Forum on European integration of the Republic of Moldova, the Government press service reports, – “This new position represents, above all, a guarantee of irreversibility of our path to transform Moldova into a modern, prosperous, well-managed European state with a sustainable economy and an independent judicial system – a goal of the whole generation that goes beyond the time frame of a single political cycle. For the first time since independence we have a real state project, and bringing it to completion is our historic duty for the benefit of all people in this land,” said Natalia Gavrilita. According to the Prime Minister, our country faces several challenges on the road to European integration, including hybrid warfare, incitement to destabilization, the use of energy as a weapon and disinformation about the benefits of EU membership. In this context, the head of the executive stressed the importance of joint efforts of all those who share the European principles to convince people that Europe means development, freedom, security and solidarity. The Prime Minister also mentioned the need to attract result-oriented professionals with knowledge of the state policy in order to involve them in activities related to the European integration. “We need people who will write together with us a new page in the history of the Republic of Moldova,” Natalia Gavrilita stressed. The Prime Minister expressed the opinion that until the moment of integration, it is important to use additional platforms for the real process, such as the European Political Community, a summit that our country will host next year. At the same time, Natalia Gavrilita stressed that in addition to the strategic goal of becoming a member of the European family, the priority is to put an end to the war in Ukraine, which makes our country vulnerable, in the absence of a security umbrella. “We see future accession to the European Union as an additional guarantee of our country’s security. At the same time, it will be much easier for us to fight corruption and crime when we can take full advantage of the tools offered by law enforcement cooperation, or when we can issue European arrest warrants, thereby limiting the possibility for thieves to evade responsibility. Until then, however, we will have to take the swift steps that the people of Moldova expect, to restore the rule of law and put the law back at the center. Our country is at a historic crossroads. We must take this chance, and I am sure that together we will succeed!” noted the Prime Minister.