Grosu: The “Moldovan Language” Will Be Replaced with “Romanian Language” In the Laws

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The phrase “Romanian language” will replace the phrase “Moldovan language” in the Moldovan legislation as of next spring. This was announced by the Parliament Chairman Igor Grosu. Regarding the experts’ opinion that the constitutional majority would not be necessary to change the phrase “Moldovan language” in Article 13 of the Constitution, Igor Grosu said that it was “only an opinion, but there are chances that the historical mistakes will be corrected”, reports “And yes and no, that’s the thing, with all due respect to the lawyers. You know how it is – so many lawyers, so many opinions. That these 68 votes are unnecessary is an opinion. There are others who think a constitutional majority is necessary. Others say that yes, we can intervene, if not in the Constitution, then in the relevant legislation, in the laws that mention the phrase. We can interfere here, and it would be safer,” said Igor Grosu. In this regard, the chairman of the Parliament added that such discussions and analyses are underway. “We won’t make it until the end of this year, but we will. When you do something with a great symbolic, emotional charge, you must also do it in the context of an important historical event. Let’s wait until spring, and then there will probably be an important historical moment and date to make such initiatives,” said Igor Grosu.