Gavrilita on Security Risks in 2023: We Brace for Any Scenario

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Opening today’s government meeting in Stefan-Voda, Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita commented on the latest statements by the head of the Information and Security Service Alexandru Musteata. The ISS head earlier commented on the Russian Federation’s goal to create a land corridor to Transdniestria and that a new Russian offensive in this direction could take place in 2023, reports. “Security has been much debated in the press in recent days. We, the government, always consider all risks and prepare for any scenario. This includes our actions in the field of energy to provide people with heat and light, in the field of home affairs when there were plans to help the wave of refugees and manage the logistics crisis, and our future actions in the field of security. We are gearing up so that we can assure that our people can count on state institutions and the government,” the prime minister said. Natalia Gavrilita also said that the war, which has been going on in the neighbouring country for about ten months now, is destructive and senseless. “We, the government of Moldova, continue to be with the people and to ensure Moldova’s European path, because it means investments, prosperity, but above all freedom, democracy and a state that respects its citizens,” the prime minister said.