The Criminal Code to Be Amended with New Notions of “Separatism”, “Collusion against Moldova”

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The Criminal Code will be supplemented with new notions of “separatism”, “collusion against Moldova” and others. Such amendments were adopted in the first reading by MPs of the ruling Action and Solidarity party. The authors of the bill believe that the current provisions in the Criminal Code such as “treason against the Motherland” or “espionage” are insufficient. The proposed amendments are needed to prevent subversion of Moldova’s state security by an “anti-constitutional entity that cannot be qualified as a foreign state”, reports. “For instance, the MGB of the so-called Transdniestrian Moldovan Republic is a centralized and well organized structure that has the capacity to carry out illegal intelligence and counter-intelligence activities. And counteracting this kind of activity is not provided for in any provision of the Criminal Code,” Olesea Stamate, chair of the legal commission, explained. Therefore, the amendments envisage supplementing the Criminal Code with such provisions as “anti-constitutional entity”, “illegal information structure”, “serious threat to the security of the Republic of Moldova”. Also, “separatism” (actions committed in order to separate a part of Moldovan territory in violation of national legislation or international treaties), and “collusion against the Republic of Moldova” (establishing and maintaining links with a foreign state, a foreign organization or their representatives for the purpose of treason and espionage).