Speaker on the Results of the Fall Session: We Followed Our Obligations Precisely

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Speaker of the Parliament Igor Grosu presented the results of the autumn session of the legislative forum on Thursday. The speaker said that parliamentary activities were focused on the implementation of the reform program and the fulfillment of obligations to citizens, moldpres.md reports “Despite the fact that we are facing very difficult crises, we have remained persistent, adhered to the program of reforms and precisely followed our commitments, having secured the trust and votes of citizens. Justice reform, infrastructure projects, wage increases, assistance during the cold season, support for young families and citizens from the diaspora have been priorities,” Igor Grosu said. The speaker said another achievement was the strengthening of parliamentary diplomacy and the granting of EU candidate country status. “The approval of Moldova as a candidate country for the European Union is a clear signal that we are on the side of good, on the side of those who resolve misunderstandings through negotiations and discussions. In this integration process, Moldova will have many opportunities to raise funds, modernize infrastructure and public services, and carry out reforms that will make us more sustainable, stronger, and more secure. Despite the unprecedented crises we are facing, we are moving forward. We truly want to have a prosperous and developed country. I am confident that Moldova will continue to be a proud member of our community of values, we will join the EU, and we will continue working together for a stronger and more peaceful Europe,” Igor Grosu said. The parliament president thanked his colleagues for their legislative initiatives, contributions and work done. The Parliament gathers for two regular sessions a year. The spring session begins in February and cannot exceed the end of July. The fall session begins in September and cannot exceed the end of December.