Dodon: PAS Will Lose Power Much Faster Than It Expects

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The former president of Moldova, Igor Dodon, is sure that the PAS will leave power rather quickly. After the year 2022, full of challenges, social and economic challenges, the subordination of justice and prosecution, repressions against opponents, the closure of independent press and established dictatorship in the Republic of Moldova, most citizens dread the prospects of 2023. However, things are changing very rapidly in Moldovan politics, and there will be no exceptions for the PAS. This is what Igor Dodon posted on his social media page, reports. “After two Communist mandates, no other government has had the same political stability. After 2009, all right-wing leaders thought they had come to power for at least 10 years, but they were wrong. Remember what happened to Urechean, Chirtoaca, Ghimpu, Filat, Plahotniuc. The same will happen to the PAS, they will leave power earlier than they thought in 2020,” he believes. Dodon notes that most citizens are disappointed with the current leadership of the country, and after the imminent departure of the PAS from power, during the next, regular elections or earlier, every illegal decision and anti-constitutional action by officials and state institutions during Maia Sandu’s dictatorship will be carefully analyzed. I repeat: this is inevitable. I assure you that many people, including those in state institutions, are already documenting and studying under a magnifying glass everything that is currently happening in the economy, justice, energy, and other strategic areas of the state. All the abuses of today will have very serious consequences for those who commit them. The people of the Republic of Moldova have suffered a lot during these years and the people will demand payback when the legal institutions are freed from the PAS’s grip. I am confident that Moldovans, all of us, will survive all these challenges and ensure a prosperous future for new generations,” he said.