Tăbârță: The Current Government Could Have Done More

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Political observer Ion Tăbârță says that the government team should abandon the electoral rhetoric and start producing results He believes that the Cabinet has been passive in 2022. According to the expert, the government should attract professionals to the team, regardless of their political affiliation, ipn.md reports “The current government could have done more. Yes, we have external objective reasons, but there were also problems concerning the act of government. The government must understand that it must stop the electoral rhetoric of 2021. Even in difficult circumstances, it is time to start producing results for the citizens. The PAS narrowed down their staffing potential from the beginning. They just went with their team, but it is an inexperienced team, and I think they could have brought even people from the DA Platform. The PAS turned to civil society experts, but being a good expert is not the same as being a good minister or civil servant,” said political observer Ion Tăbârță. The government headed by Natalia Gavrilita was sworn in on August 6, 2021, by votes of PAS deputies. The first to leave the government team was Vlad Kulminski, Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration. Subsequently, Minister of Agriculture and Food Viorel Hercu, Minister of Environment Iuliana Cantaragiu, Minister of Economy Sergiu Gaibu and Minister of Labor and Social Protection Marcel Spatari resigned.