Costiuc: There is a struggle between party leaders inside PAS

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Chairman of the Democracy at Home party Vasile Costiuc believes that there is a struggle between the leaders within the PAS. Moreover, Costiuc claims that President Maia Sandu is being sabotaged by Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development Andrei Spinu, reports On the air of the program on the TV channel N4 Costiuc voiced a number of conspiracy theories. First, he is convinced that yesterday’s searches at “Railroad” and at the customs were arranged by “Andrei Spinu’s people”. “The day before, Spinu sent a signal to his PAS colleagues, deputies, and President Maia Sandu that he was going to the TV station, which was said to be supported by fugitives. He went there and he sent a non-verbal signal that he was ready to talk to the opposition, to the socialists, to the communists, maybe even to Shor, if the security forces suddenly troubled him, because this had been discussed by the public in recent weeks. This happened after Maia Sandu arrived from Romania. She met with the Romanian secret services and was informed about the real situation in Moldova. I think that she was kept in an information vacuum, being falsely told, including through the ISS, through reports, that don’t be afraid we will “silence” Shor and outlaw him, don’t be afraid because the issue with Dodon has been solved, don’t be afraid – before the elections we will remove Ion Ceban from the race,” declared Costiuc. After 15 minutes of conspiracy theories voiced by Costiuc, the program host Gheorghe Gonţa explained that he was the one who chose the day when Andrei Spinu would come on his program.