Spinu On Secrecy About Gas Reserves: We’re Not Afraid of Angering the Russians

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The Moldovan authorities are ready to unveil the information about the country’s gas reserves. This was stated by the Minister of Infrastructure Andrei Spinu, who specified that it would happen in spring, when the heating season is over, reports bani.md. In an interview with Nordnews, the Minister said that the amount of gas has not yet been disclosed for energy security reasons. “No, we are not afraid to make the Russians angry. Let’s not forget that there is a war in Ukraine, let’s not forget Gazprom’s decisions to further reduce gas supplies to our country. As soon as we come out of winter, absolutely all information will be made public about the volumes of gas we purchased, where it was stored, and so on. I repeat, all this information is available and I do not see any reason to worry,” said Andrei Spinu. In November 2022 the Government of Moldova decided to classify all information about the situation in the energy sector. Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita explained that this is due to the strikes that the Russian army is carrying out against Ukrainian energy facilities. In order to meet its gas needs, Moldova took a loan of 300 million euros, which was spent on the purchase of methane. The estimated volume of methane to be purchased is 300 million cubic meters, and it is stored in Ukraine and Romania. The price at which it is sold to Moldovagaz is $1,000 per thousand cubic meters. The tariff for the population is 29.27 lei per cubic meter, but depending on the energy vulnerability, consumers pay different tariffs in winter, according to compensations provided by the government.