Chicu: Pre-vetting Is PAS’s Attempt to Establish Total Control over the Judiciary

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The chairman of the Party for Development and Unification of Moldova believes that the attempt of Maia Sandu and her criminal PAS group to usurp the judicial power through the so-called pre-vetting is nearing an end. “On January 23-24, the Supreme Judicial Chamber (SJC) will hear appeals from judges who were not accepted as members of the Supreme Judicial Council by the panel created by Litvinenco “in the latrines”. These appeals are to be heard by an approved panel of judges... And then follows a story of the greatest disgrace to this country and its judicial system. Litvinenco, this illiterate criminal, who still acts as Minister of Justice, has legislated that this judiciary must be elected with the official consent of Maia Sandu,” Chicu said, reports. “I don’t think any normal person can understand how a judiciary can be appointed to represent any other power in the state than the judiciary. Yet, this thing is possible in the mind of this ignorant man and the other 63 PAS deputies who voted for such stupidity. Of course, the acting SJC chair was quick to execute Litvinenco’s stupidity and issued Decision no. 29 on March 29, 2022, which set the following judicial composition: Vladimir Timofti, Ala Cobaneanu and Svetlana Filincova, and sent it to Maia Sandu so that she would “bless” this “independent” decision by her decree,” ex-premier said. “Even our Constitutional Court was struck by Litvinenco’s idiocy, rightly declaring such a decision unconstitutional. Nowhere in the world, except in Stalin’s ‘troika’, are the judges in this or that case appointed by the head of state. And so, the Constitutional Court overturned this decision. If you think that the emitter of the decision fully complied with the SJC decision, you are wrong. He left the original composition, already agreed with Maia Sandu, only changing the form of the text of the original provision - he only excluded paragraph 3 (see both decisions attached). As we see, this whole scam with the evaluation of judges who should become members of the body of judicial self-government was invented by an illiterate and corrupt group of authorities, just to establish total political control over the judiciary. To make sure that judges are not independent when they have to judge them for usurping power in the state, for stealing billions when buying gas and electricity, for subjecting the people of this state to social genocide”, Chicu concluded.