IAEA Finds No Weapons at Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plants

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The Head of the IAEA said that in response to Russia’s accusations against Ukraine about the placement of weapons at nuclear power plants, a full inspection of all facilities had been carried out. No weapons were found, he said. After Russia accused Ukraine of placing military equipment at its nuclear power plants, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Tuesday, January 24, carried out a comprehensive inspection of all nuclear power plants in Ukraine and found no weapons. This was announced by Rafael Grossi, head of the IAEA, speaking to the European Parliament later that day. “Of course, the result of this inspection was negative, and we will provide a report on this,” he said. He said this is the second time his agency has denounced reproaches of dangerous and illegal activities at the NPP. The first such episode occurred when Russia accused Ukraine of manufacturing “dirty bombs”, he recalled. Then IAEA inspectors also conducted an urgent inspection and came to the conclusion that “all radioactive material is in its place and there is no reason for such allegations.”