Odnostalko: Justice in Moldova Only Works for Sandu and the Ruling Party

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Deputy of PSRM Vladimir Odnostalko criticized the justice reform, which is carried out by the ruling party in Moldova. During the program On the Facts with Yulia Fedorova on Exclusiv TV, he noted that justice is currently “working” only for the Moldovan president, Maia Sandu, and the ruling PAS party, reports ntv.md. “Things are bad in the justice system. Today justice works only for the ruling party and Mrs. Sandu. An ordinary person can be in court for 5-7 years. People die before they get a verdict, while the decisions necessary for the ruling party fly through the courts at the snap of a finger,” said the MP. He also condemned the current government for the fact that they “do not hold competitions for leadership positions, but directly appoint their relatives.” “You have your own people everywhere – one relative after another. Is it really possible? Ordinary citizens don’t care what happens there. The main thing for them is to have a piece of bread, the main thing for them is to find justice. Today they have neither. And this is all your “merit”,” said Odnostalko. He also reportedly opined that the reform is already discredited and a failure. “How can you make reforms, changes, improvements by the same people, the same personnel that you yourself criticized? These guys were under Plahotniuc and beyond. And they (the PAS) take them on and on. Dragalin’s deputies – someone said that they are Plahotniuc’s people. The same Robu: he’s being accused now in the Chirtoaca case. When the brother of the Prosecutor General criticizes a competition from the justice system – it’s no good. When those people whom you consider to be high-class experts criticize and press with their authoritative opinion the state authorities and the actions connected with the alleged improvement of the situation in justice are profaned, completely failed, and at all stages, starting with the issues of policy, implementation and, most importantly, personnel – in everything you say that the situation is better. You are probably somewhere in a bunker, surrounding yourself with a warm blanket in a warm bath,” said the PSRM deputy. “There is a different situation in the country. Therefore, to say that all is well in the justice system – no, all is bad. Today, justice works only for the ruling party,” concluded Odnostalko.