British Ambassador about NATO: Moldovan Citizens Must Decide on Neutrality

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British Ambassador to Moldova Steven Fisher said that NATO is a defensive military alliance that curbs aggression. However, Moldovan citizens must decide whether or not they want to give up the status of neutrality, reports. According to the diplomat, amid the security crisis in the region, the decision on the possible accession of Moldova to NATO should belong to the people. The diplomat stressed that NATO is a military alliance that provides protection to all member states, and British society strongly supports the country’s membership in the North Atlantic bloc. “NATO is a defensive umbrella to protect its members. NATO provides collective security, an attack on one member is considered an attack on all. NATO restrains aggression and keeps the peace. I cannot speak on behalf of Moldovan citizens about joining NATO, but my country, Great Britain, is a member of NATO, and we are glad of it. There is no discussion on the subject in British society. The topic of leaving the European Union was painful for us, and we voted democratically for Brexit, but as for NATO, there is no discussion. I think that 80% of our citizens would vote for NATO if there was a poll,” the British diplomat said. NATO is a political and military alliance consisting of 30 North American and European states which cooperate in the field of security and defense. Two new states, Sweden and Finland, are currently in talks to join NATO.