Renita on Possible Control of Moldnet: Taking the Example of North Korea

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“Such an intention was voiced by Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu. But I hope that it will remain unfulfilled, like his many election promises,” says journalist and analyst Valeriu Renita. “Such ‘fatherly concern’ of the Speaker for the Moldovan press is apparently due to the fact that the 6 TV channels, illegally stripped of their licenses and “neutralized”, are gaining a good rating, although they have to work only on the social media online,” stresses Renita, reports But the journalist points out that Moldovan rulers are not alone in their desire to control the Internet and block resources: “In North Korea, for example, there is no Internet at all. China has the Golden Shield, a powerful content filtering system, and Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Instagram are blocked. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Whatsapp, Viber, and Russia’s VKontakte and Yandex have all been blocked in Iran. Restrictions on freedoms on the Internet have been successfully implemented in the once fraternal Turkmenistan. Most rating services are blocked there. There is only one state-run provider, Turkmentelecom, which does the censoring.” Renita points out that in Ukraine, an EU candidate country, several major popular resources are blocked at once: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Yandex and several other Russian services. “Sanctions have been imposed against them for ‘propaganda and incitement of discord in Ukraine’ for three years. The internet is also censored, but more mildly, in Turkey, Pakistan, Vietnam and Venezuela. Obviously, the EU candidate country Moldova, through the noble efforts of our super-democrat Grosu, will soon look up to these countries,” Renita added.