MEP: Moldovan Citizens Refuse to Join NATO Because of Russian Propaganda

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According to a recent survey, more than half of Moldovan citizens want to join the European Union, but the percentage lowers with regard to NATO. MEP Eugen Tomac explained to B1 TV why Moldovans do not want to join the North Atlantic Alliance. Moldovan citizens “have been poisoned by Russian propaganda for decades, and the results of this ideological brainwashing can be seen in the choices they make for the country’s future,” reports. “53% vote for European integration, and the percentage for joining NATO does not seem to have changed in 10 years. 27% of citizens think that NATO is the best solution for the country. The conclusion is one: the media space of the Republic of Moldova is dominated by the Russian speaking press which feeds very aggressively the population with information which is far from the reality, these effects are tangible. Most people are against the war, and the leadership had the right approach to the military conflict. The vast majority of the population is Romanian. The fact that a large part of them is de-nationalized and under Russian propaganda pressure is a reality, but more than 50% of Moldova’s population are also Romanian citizens, and our legitimate interest is to take care of their fate. And this is the reason why we want to create as many preconditions as possible for an even healthier rapprochement. The Republic of Moldova, sooner or later, will get closer to Romania, and this process will be much quicker,” Eugen Tomac said.