Dragalin: Emotions Are Very Intense When It Comes to Stolen Billions

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Head of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, Veronica Dragalin, says she understands society’s desire to see those who robbed the state punished. The chief anti-corruption prosecutor stated this when asked when the final decision on high-profile cases in Moldova will be made, ipn.md reports According to her, confidence in the judiciary is not built on conveyor belt verdicts, but on compliance with all legal procedures. The head of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office said that for the public to regain trust in the institution of the Prosecutor’s Office, prosecutors must respect all the stages of evidence collection and this is a long process in the case of high-profile trials. “We all have very high emotions when it comes to billions stolen from Moldovan banks. The same is the case with the Laundromat, which went through the Moldovan courts and gave us a very bad reputation in Europe and all over the world. And we all want these schemes to be liquidated, the culprits to be brought to justice, and the stolen money to be repaid. If we say that this is the only positive result and we will finally be able to trust the judiciary, I think that if we set such a goal we will not reach it. Clearly, this is a priority for us as well, we also want to achieve closure in big, high-profile cases, but it is also very important to follow the course of this long journey, where there are other intermediate results that show that we are still moving in the right direction,” Veronica Dragalin said on the Vocea Basarabiei TV channel’s Puncte de Reflecție program. As previously reported, when asked about the status of the funding of the Shor political party, Veronica Dragalin replied that after gathering all the evidence, the case will be sent to court, and then the public will have access to the information. According to the Chief Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, in 2022, of the total number of cases sent to court, 75% of the cases have resulted in convictions and 25% of the cases have been acquitted.