Batrincea: Separatism Law Is the Path To Escalation

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According to Vlad Batrincea, vice-speaker of the BoCS parliament, the “law on separatism” is the way to escalate the conflict and to make the tension between Chisinau and Tiraspol even higher. He said this during a program with Iulia Fedorova on Exclusiv TV channel, reports “The law on separatism, as well as expanding the powers of the SIS and turning it into a “police bludgeon”, is the path to escalation, which does not help Moldova, does not help the citizens and does not help the European integration. Some MPs today are shouting that someone should be arrested. These are all risks. I think that we must find enough wisdom in ourselves not to follow someone else’s agenda, we must act in the national interest and unite our country so that Moldova be a normal partner both for the West and for the East, so that we could ensure a normal living standard for our citizens,” Batrincea said. He also noted that the 5+2 format does not work and the role of the Chisinau-Tiraspol dialogue is increasing. “There are all preconditions for the two banks of the Dniester to understand that it is necessary to go together, that it is beneficial economically, socially, energetically. It is beneficial to people. Diplomacy is very important in this period of crisis,” the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament believes.