Usatii: Government Has Showed Inability to Handle Situation and Should Leave

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The Cabinet of Ministers led by Natalia Gavrilita must leave because it has shown its inability to manage the country. This statement was made by former mayor of Balti, Renato Usatii. He is convinced that the Our Party, which he heads, will enter the future parliament and blames the rise of the SOR political party in public polls on the mistakes of the authorities and the difficult financial situation of a part of the population, reports. Renato Usatii said the entire government team must resign, as many of the current ministers are unable to cope with the overlapping crises faced by Moldova. “Apart from a few ministers, Popescu, Spatar, who has left, the head of the СFM Oleg Tofilat, who is working, the rest of the government must go. I would be happy if Marcel Spatar returned in a new formula, with a different Prime Minister. This government should leave today as it has demonstrated its inability to manage the situation. Yes, we are next to a terrible war in Ukraine instigated by Russia, we are in an economic and social crisis, but even basic things that we don’t need money for are not being done,” Renato Usatii said on JurnalTV’s Secretele puterii programme. On January 19, Renato Usatii announced his return to politics and the relaunching of the political formation Our Party (Partidul Nostru). In the July 2021 early parliamentary elections, the Renato Usatii electoral bloc won 4.1 per cent of the vote, not enough to pass into parliament.