Doru Petruti Names Five Anti-Records of the Gavrilita Government

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Social expert Doru Petruti believes that “Natalia Gavrilita’s government is already history,” and listed five of its anti-records. He posted on social media that “it was the only government whose prime minister was not even close to being among the top five politicians in terms of ratings, given that her Action and Solidarity party won the elections with more than 50% of the vote,” reports. According to Petruti, this government has led to the fastest and most massive disappointment of citizens after the elections. “An unbelievable situation emerged when more than 50% of the population (according to opinion polls - I.) were in favor of the resignation/ early elections. Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development Andrei Spinu is the record-breaker (among members of the government), with more than 70% of the population in favor of his resignation,” he said. The sociologist also criticized the government’s way of communicating with citizens, calling it inconceivable. “Nightly meetings with zero feedback, strange and completely disorganized announcements when some ministers were replaced, mistakes and pearls of the prime minister. The irritation caused by awkward videos that tried to praise the increase in pensions or assure the population that everything will be better or much worse in spring-winter-spring,” said the sociologist.