The Parliament of Moldova Holds its First Euronest PA Session

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About 100 officials from the Eastern Partnership countries and members of the European Legislative Forum are attending the 10th session of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly (Euronest PA). The meeting is held in Chisinau. Among the discussed topics are consequences of the Russian Federation's invasion into Ukraine, security challenges, economic integration, and energy security, reports quoting the Parliamentary Public Relations Office. The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova is hosting a session of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly for the first time. It started with meetings of the Commissions: Commission for Political Affairs, Human Rights and Democracy, Commission for Economic Integration, Legal Approximation and Convergence with EU policies, Commission for Energy Security, Commission for Social Affairs, Education, Culture and Civic Society. They adopted reports on political affairs, economic integration, energy security and social aspects. Other topics discussed by the parliamentarians were the progress made by Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine on the European path, as well as the fight against disinformation in the Eastern Partnership countries. Igor Grosu, the president of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly, will open the tenth meeting of the Assembly, due on 20 February. Euronest Parliamentary Assembly was established in May 2011 in Brussels, when the Presidents of the legislative assemblies of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and the European Union signed the Founding Act of the Assembly. The mission of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly is to promote the conditions necessary to accelerate political association and economic integration between the EU and Eastern European partners, to strengthen cooperation in the region and between the region and the EU. The Multilateral Assembly contributes to the consolidation, development and visibility of the Eastern Partnership.