Slusari: Protest Organizers Don’t Really Want Any Reforms

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Former parliamentary vice-chairman Alexandr Slusari believes that the organizers of Sunday’s rally “do not really want any reforms”. He wrote about it on social media, stressing that “the criminal-political group of Shor discredits the very notion of “protest” in Moldova by the desire to destabilize the situation at any cost with populist claims and a vicious tradition of paying protesters,” reports. “Those who organized the protest do not want any reforms. (...) The people who were brought to the capital are nothing more than cannon fodder, cynically used by the rotten rich, who have stolen enough money to pay the bills of those who came out to the action,” Slusari believes. According to him, “funding for the Shor group from Russia has recently been restored.” “If I know this, then surely all the competent authorities know it too. We are talking about tens of millions of euros. Why have no real countermeasures been taken? How long will the society have to watch this sport fishing with searches and detentions for three days, after which nothing happens and the criminals are financed again?” the ex-member of parliament is perplexed. He urged all citizens who, like himself, “have many complaints against the government, for the sake of a better future of Moldova, not to take part in the actions of Shor, and to sit better at home, because these destructive protests have nothing to do with the interests of the country.”