Mazeiks: It Is Very Important for Moldova to Implement the EC Recommendations

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It is very important for the Republic of Moldova to continue to implement the nine recommendations of the European Commission in order to reach the next stage of negotiations. He stressed that the Chisinau government is making great efforts to implement the recommendations, reported. “Five out of nine recommendations deal with justice and anti-corruption. There is a lot of work to be done. We are happy that the country has a pragmatic approach to the identified problems and that it is moving forward with reforms. The EU integration process takes years, as it does for other countries. Next, national legislation needs to be analyzed to see how it complies with European legislation. At the same time, it is important to improve the country’s ability to defend its borders, maintain internal security, strengthen defense systems, bolster cyber defense capabilities and increase resilience,” Mazeiks said. The ambassador said he looks forward to good cooperation with the new Chisinau government. “We thank Madam Natalia Gavrilita for her work and efforts, as she led the executive power during a period characterized by a series of crises. The past year proved how important it is that the Republic of Moldova selected the path of European development. February 24 marks one year since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. After the outbreak of this unjustified war, the Moldovan people opened their hearts and homes to the refugees: some 700 thousand refugees crossed the borders of the country, and about 100 thousand stayed here,” Mazeiks recalled. The head of the EU Delegation in Chisinau pointed out that an exhibition was organized to mark the anniversary of the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. Also, in the evening of February 24, lights at the headquarters of the EU Delegation in Chisinau will be turned off in memory of those who died during the war.