Citizens Blocked the Highway at the Entrance to Chisinau on Their Wat to Protest

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Organizers of the protest in the center of the capital say carriers are stopped by the police. 13:25 Protesters have completely blocked the highway at the entrance to Chisinau from Stavceni. 12:45 Because of the protests announced for 28 February, the Chisinau municipality has blocked the bus routes No 2 and No 47 on the Chisinau-Orhei highway, until the entrance to Stavceni. The buses run with deviations from the timetable at all entry points to Chisinau The police noted that they do not limit in any way the free movement of citizens in the capital, but only ensure that the routes are not blocked, reports. “Most of the vehicles that carry citizens from Cimislia to the capital do not meet the technical norms. Accordingly, the police initiated the procedure of documenting and preventing its movement, in a context in which incidents with vehicles have been previously recorded,” the police said. At the same time, the police noted that vehicles meeting the technical requirements were allowed to move, but the passengers refused, demanding that the entire convoy should go. People trying to enter the protest in the capital’s center blocked the road leading to the Chisinau municipality from the Stavceni side. Police demand that the lane be unblocked, noting that such actions are unacceptable, as this artery is an important link with the capital, and other citizens should not be disturbed, especially emergency services.